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From Kitchen Princess to Bratwurst Queen

At her coronation, she was six years younger than Queen Elizabeth II. A 21-year-old in full regalia? A story of how being a hostess can seamlessly tie in with youth. And how carrying the flame forward sometimes takes courage.

Why the ceiling of the guest room is “colorful”

There is much to tell from the history of the inn “Zum gulden Stern”. Under “Anecdotes”, landlady Sofia Hilleprandt tells us stories from over 600 years of history. Today: Why the ceiling of the guest room is actually “colorful”.

Why it tastes the way it does here

Not all sausages are the same sausages. Our Röstla® are – for us at least – the pinnacle of enjoyment. Let’s lift the pot lid a little bit and find out on what we put special emphasis on in our kitchen, so that it tastes so good here at the “gulden Stern”.

Unforgotten: Martin Hilleprandt 1938-2020

Argumentative entrepreneur, history-loving bratwurst visionary and for us above all: loving dad and caring boss. Martin Hilleprandt will always be remembered at the restaurant “Zum gulden Stern”.

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