Once upon a time…

We Franconians love our history. But also our little stories. We like to belittle reality. Probably because it is a bit easier to bear that way.

Our restaurant in Nuremberg’s Old Town has already experienced an infinite number of “G’schichtli” – it means little Story. Rather: the people who have stayed here, who have nurtured and cared for the house, who have gone through thick and thin with it. And miraculously, the house has survived the more than six centuries, despite all the damage. Most recently, Martin Hilleprandt saved it from demolition. We have him to thank for the many culinary journeys through time within these walls.

But, one after the other…

So, not exactly in the year 1380, but around that time the foundation stone of our current success story was laid. The bratwurst kitchen was built.
Now it´s official. The Bratwurst Kitchen is mentioned in a document for the first time. The property at Zirkelschmiedsgasse 26, which at that time consisted of two houses, was to be paid an inheritance “annually 60 Haller on Walpurgen and on St. Martin’s Day, as well as a hen on Faßnacht”.
Stadtarchiv Nürnberg
The 30-year war has its own effect on Nuremberg: the number of inns has increased and the city of Nuremberg tries to limit it in that year. In this context, Zirkelschmiedsgasse 26 is mentioned again.
City map from the 19th century, Altstadtfreunde Nürnberg e.V.
Michelin stars do not yet exist, but in 1640 the inn “Zum gulden Stern” is placed in the upscale category of eating houses.
Our house is granted a rare right. In the future, house slaughtering of pigs is allowed at Zirkelschmiedsgasse 26.
The Umgeldamt of the town is promised to store a stock of wine in order to preserve the Weinschenkgerechtsame.
Private (undated)
For a long time it was quiet around our inn, but now the success story takes its course. In 1980 Martin Hilleprandt acquires the house – with a demolition permit. But instead of razing the historic building to the ground, he decides to renovate the inn, which is steeped in history, and to preserve it with the help of the Friends of the Old Town.
In doing so, he pays strict attention to preserving the original character of the house. Thus, even the open fireplace from the 16th century remains, where even today the sausages are roasted over beech wood fires.
Zirkelschmiedsgasse No. 26 at the beginning of the 1980s, Altstadtfreunde Nürnberg e.V.
Our inn “Zum gulden Stern” may officially bear the title “Oldest Bratwurst Kitchen in the World”.
Private (undated)
Our original Nürnberger Röstla®, a trademark introduced and protected by Martin Hilleprandt in collaboration with his daughter in 2013, is grilled over an open fire at the heart of the bratwurst kitchen. The sausages must come from a Nuremberg butcher and are grilled raw over a beech wood fire.
There is a fire in the inn. Fortunately, the historically significant objects such as the bull’s-eye windows, the historic pots from the excavations and the fireplace withstand the fire.
Now it is quite official. Our inn “Zum gulden Stern” is now a significant landmark in the city of Nuremberg.
Our bratwurst kitchen turns 600 years old.
Unexpectedly, owner and father Martin Hilleprandt dies on October 1, 2020, and his children Sofia and Martin take over the Bratwurst Kitchen.

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